Mike Feurstein

For the past 22 years I’ve worked in TV, commercials, films, and more, ranging from small budget to international blockbusters. This work has aired regionally and nationally in the form of television broadcast commercials, theatrical trailers, webisodes, and industrial insider material.

I directed cinematics for the Activision video game series Guitar Hero, and video promotional material on Skylanders. I pitched TV concepts to Warner Bros, Cartoon Network and other American television producers. I worked directly with talent like Tyler Perry, Brent Spiner of Star Trek fame, and Bradley Cooper. I received an award for a STEM educational video I coproduced for President Barack Obama. I was recently commissioned by TEDx to produce a TED-Ed video.

My current crew in New York consists of apprentices from local high schools and colleges, and together we have won gold medals from state competitions, Best awards from various regional and national contests, including Best Film in Berlin for a short that toured the globe in over 16 festivals and 3 television circuits. I own a lighting rental agency in New York, I’ve been featured as Best Filmmaker in trade and news publications in my region, and Scotia-Glenville, New York proclaimed June 14th as “Mr. Mike Day” throughout the town for my work with their youth.

I produce youth-oriented shorts in Australia every other year since 2013. I have taught students around the world how to tell their stories in visual mediums.

I am committed to helping people realize their talents as actors, storytellers and crew, ensuring that all I work with are able to encounter the same wonderful opportunities I’ve been afforded.


Our anti-bullying, civic leadership and character education films are in use by schools, organizations and families worldwide. We have been found on:

The New York State government endorsed us in both the Senate and Assembly. We partnered with Matthew McConaughey’s foundation and Jaylen’s Challenge. We featured on Nickelodeon Kids News, our work is published in French textbooks by Éditions Nathan, and has been utilized on TED Talks, and in theaters, festivals and organizations worldwide. Our work is part of curriculum in schools around the world that screen our films and teach our tenets in their classrooms. We are partner with The Don’t Wait® Project. Our work has gone YouTube viral, with over 4 million views on several PSAs.

Students contact us daily seeking advice and finding help via our work. The best part is all of our work is student-produced, which makes it a learning experience from start to finish and beyond.